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10 13 February 2009 (15 18 SAFAR 1430H)

Assalamualaykum warahmatullah wabarokatuh,

May this mail find you and family in the highest of eeman and best of health, ameen.

Alhamdullillah wa shukrillah, the government of Qatar through Fanar and Awqaf had graciously sponsored a father & daughter team to share their knowledge & experience with us. We manage to make some arrangements to invite this special guest speaker from Kuala Lumpur to do a series of programmes for girls of various ages in Doha while her father ( Ustaz Hussain Yee) will be doing programmes for boys and adults inshaAllah. Allow me to briefly introduce the guest speaker :

She is Ukhti Wafaa bint Hussain and had lived in the Middle East for the last 10 years. She speaks Malay , English & Arabic fluently. Ukhti Wafaa has ijazah for tajweed and she has sanad of riwayat hafs. Her experience include : a few years of working with a da'awa center/jaaliyyat in Rabigh in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. There she did da'awa work and counselling to non-muslims, new muslims & muslim professionals. She taught tawheed, adab/ islamic etiquette, fiqh, history and Arabic. Amongst others, her students were atheists, nurses, doctors and she also does counselling for mature ladies. She helped new muslims from various countries at a Hajj Camp under the supervision of the Da'awa Office in Makkah. She was also involved in youth camps for teenagers.

The programme that has been scheduled bi iznillah is as follows. Registration is compulsory for all the girls programmes as there is limited place. Ukhti Wafaa takes a small number of participants at a time as she would like focus and spend quality time with the participants inshaAllah.

For registration, please email your daughter's name , age , your email address and your mobile & house number to :



The Programs are as follows:


TUESDAY 10th February : 3.00- 6.30pm : Part 1 Girls Session for , age 9-12 years old only ( 25 girls only)

Venue : Al Bayan Ladies Club.


WEDNESDAY 11th February : 3.00- 6.30pm : Part 2 for the same group of girls as above at same venue

YOUTH CAMP - Special Program

Please use the specific registration form (download below) for the Youth Camp and submit to :
Click Here to Download Registration Form


THURSDAY 12 th February : 3.30 - 6.30 pm : YOUTH CAMP FOR GIRLS Part 1 , teenagers age 13- 17 years old

(maximum 25 participants only ) Register early !

Venue : Al Bayan Ladies Club


FRIDAY 13th February : Youth Camp starts at 7am until SATURDAY 1p.m : YOUTH CAMP FOR GIRLS Part 2 , same group as above.

New participants NOT accepted due to the need for continuity in the programmes.

Venue : Al Basatin Compound, Muaither, Doha.



Inshaallah she will be also be giving a 1.5 hour lecture to ladies at Az Zahra Center, Ma'moura, Thursday 12th February 9.30 -11 am. All ladies are welcome.


We ask Allah the Most High and the Most Merciful to shower His Rahmah on all the programmes above and may He the Almighty give barakah to Ukhti Wafaa & her fathers' trip to Doha, Ameen Allahumma Ameen.

We look forward to meet you & your daughters in the above programmes and the other lectures by Ustaz Hussain Yee, inshaAllah. Details of Ustaz Hussain programmes will be posted separately inshaAllah.

Fii amanillah. Wassalam.

Schedule of Programs for Ukhti Wafaa Bint Hussain is attached.

Click Here to Download Schedule




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